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Product Details

PPG Aquapon WB EP is the next generation of water-based epoxy paint technology that provides excellent performance in abrasion, chemical, and corrosion resistance.  This durable and stain-resistant finish protects both floor and vertical surfaces in healthcare, education, and industrial facilities.  With faster recoat times, facility maintenance schedules are shortened with limited usage interruption.


  • Impact & Abrasion Resistance
  • Low Odor & Fast Dry
  • Ultra-Low VOC (26 g/L)
Code Sizes Download
98E-46 N/A, N/A
98E-57 N/A N/A
98E-GT(X) N/A, N/A N/A
98E-ST(X) N/A, N/A N/A
ATX180302 N/A N/A