Continuing Education For Professionals

Earn CEUs across PPG product categories and design functions

Continuing Education For Professionals

Professional Painter Education Resources

We are committed to providing quality continuing education units across all of our product categories and design functions. We know that product integration and the use of color are key to meeting design goals.

Color & Design CEUs

Pro Painter Education Resources

Color & Design CEUs

PPG is an industry leader in color thanks to our best in class PPG VOICE OF COLOURTM system. We offer a variety of courses on what's new and trending for designers, architects and other professionals. All courses are 0.1 CEU for IDCEC, 1 LU AIA, and NKBA approved. 

  • CEU–109474: 2020 Global Color & Design Forecast

  • CEU–107649: Commercial Color & Design Forecast

  • CEU–106801: Residential Color & Design Trends

  • CEU–107300: Healthcare Color & Design Trends (HSW)

  • CEU-107462: Multi-Family Color & Design Trends (HSW)

  • CEU-106259: Senior Living Color & Design Trends (HSW)

  • CEU-106178: Culture and Color

  • CEU-107739: Wood Stain Trends 2019 Beyond

  • CEU-106925: Functional Color in Educational Environments

  • CEU–102224: Colors of Fallingwater 

CEUs are conducted through in-person and virtual platforms.

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Pro Painter Education Resources

Product & Application

These products & applications are 1 hour in duration and qualify for 1 AIA CEU. 

  • AF118 Avoiding Common Paint Problems - This program discusses surface preparation, common paint failures and how to avoid them. 

  • AF026 Commercial High Performance Coatings (HSW) - This program goes into detail on surface preparation, discusses proper mixing and use of these important protective coatings. 

  • AF027 The Technology of Paints and Coatings (HSW) - This program covers the ingredients in paint and goes into detail on the different resin types used in making paint and protective coatings. 

  • AF028 The Economics of Paint "More Than Volume Solids" - This program discusses the math and application of paint and how that impacts the overall applied paint costs. 

  • AF034 Coating Concrete - In this program, we discuss the different moisture test types and coating systems as well as the need for a vapor barrier under slabs to be coated. 

  • AF039 Exterior Wood Stains - This program takes the learner through a review of lumber types, exterior stain finishes and high performance wood finishes. 

  • AF040 Primers and Sealers, Their Importance to Quality Paint Systems - This program goes into detail of different types of primers and sealers available and where they are best specified. 

  • AF041 Specialty Finishes, Unique Products for Unique Results - Specialty finishes such as dryfog, dry erase board, luminescent and other paints can add value to your designs. We discuss these finish types and where and how to specify them.

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